Cut Bouquet Care
Cut the stems on an angle using sharp floral shears or a knife. Remove any leaves or foliage below the water line. Place your bouquet in a clean vase full of fresh water. For long lasting blooms, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, in a cool room and away from heat sources and ripening fruit.

Floral Arrangement Care
As water may have spilled during transportation, please top up with fresh water once the flowers have reached their new home. Refill the vase with fresh water each day to make sure all the stems are submerged. Each flower will last a different length of time - don't be afraid to remove spent blooms and continue to enjoy the flowers that still look fresh!

Dried Flower Care
Dried flowers can last forever if treated with love. They are fragile so handle with care! Keep out of water and away from high humidity. Avoid direct sunlight, which can fade their beautiful colours over time.