Staff Feature: Meet Emily!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily (she/her) and I have been a part of the EF team since August of 2020. Over the last couple of years, I have learned so much about floristry, design work, and creating a new work environment. I have been able to apply my own creativity and eye for colour palettes, in a genuine and authentic way. I have been lucky enough to help build the store into what it is now, and work with such amazing people throughout the process. If you happen to come by the shop you’ll either see me at the front helping create with customers or creating some of your online orders! 

I am a fourth year Early Childhood Studies student at Ryerson University. These past few years have been a wild ride, and has given me the opportunity to explore my creativity and analyze the deeper meaning behind everything we do. As I am in my final stretch of the semester, expecting to graduate in June, I am looking forward to finishing my degree and focusing on my future endeavours - wherever life takes me! 

In my spare time, I truly enjoy going on walks! It is always enjoyed with a friend where we get to catch up on life, make some new memories, explore the city, and find the prettiest things hidden in nature. Being born and raised in Toronto has given me unlimited opportunities to find new, exciting, and interesting things while taking a walk in any part of the city. I absolutely love taking nice walks throughout parks, especially Trinity Bellwoods, and even sitting to have a couple of drinks with some friends after work! 

Branching out into my love for children, I have the cutest, smartest, and funniest little niece and nephews that always keep me on my toes. When I am not in the shop, I am either on a FaceTime call with them chit-chatting about their newest obsession, or playing with them and all their funky toys. Hopefully one day they can admire creative art and flowers just as much as I do! 

Depending on the season, we get some of my favourite flowers to work with and cherish for those specific periods of time. Spring and summer flowers own my heart, some being peonies, tulips, daffodils, zinnias, butterfly ranunculus, and most importantly, our iconic locally-grown dahlias. 

Within the shop, I love creating and designing flowers in a cohesive and eye-catching colour palette, to build beautiful bouquets and arrangements for those to enjoy at home. While I do pay very close attention to detail, I think that each flower has a purpose in each bouquet. Alongside the designing aspect, I also enjoy interacting with customers who come in the shop, as well as cleaning and keeping everything organized for a sustainable work environment. 

Here are my top favourite items in the store at the moment: 

  1. Zodiac Bouquets - I love these monthly zodiac bouquets as a perfect gift to represent someone’s personality, mood, and emotions through colour and flowers. My zodiac sign is Aquarius and it could not represent my love for pastels enough! Additionally, a portion of all zodiac bouquets are donated to a specific organization to better our communities and help out wherever we can. 
  2. Buttrmlk Body Buttr - I am obsessed with this whipped body butter! All ingredients are organic and sourced from Ghana, leaving your body feeling incredibly soft and smooth for DAYS. I bought this body butter when Buttrmlk first released their brand and can’t get enough!
  3. Centre and Main Chocolate Bars - Caramel Apple - If you know me, you know I have the craziest sweet tooth. These chocolate bars are super popular in the store and are a perfect add-on to any gift! I yearn for the days that we find a broken chocolate bar to taste test all the flavours (hehehe).