For the Love of Dahlias!

It’s Dahlia TIME!

The farm season is well underway once again…it seems like just yesterday I was digging and storing dahlias but here we are again! The grow room is, well, extremely messy, but lots of little plant babies are already growing and I am getting very excited about the upcoming growing season.


Once again we will be growing hundreds of dahlias, and while I tried not to buy any new varieties to try, I have already purchased over 60 …so I guess we are expanding our collection! Dahlias are just so addictive, the array of colours and forms make trying a new variety just too enticing! Unlike seeds, which are shipped dormant, dahlia tubers are ‘alive’ when shipped, meaning gardeners are not able to purchase varieties bred in other countries. Tulip bulbs, while shipped ‘alive’ have been so popular for so long there are shipping practices in place to get new varieties from around the world. Sadly, dahlias just aren't there yet and we are often left to search for varieties grown in Canada, or somehow smuggled over the border!

A few companies  in the US offer dahlias shipped to Canada with an added phytosanitary certificate, which costs $40-50 CAD PER tuber. This is the government of Canada's only option and is a lot of work for the shipper, and a lot of money just to get a single tuber across the border. While we die hard dahlia growers have done it here and there, it is certainly not an option for most growers or for many tubers.

So, what are we growing this year…well, it's a big list! In addition to hundreds of annuals, bulbs, perennials and foliage we are planning to grow, we will have at least 300 tubers in the ground, which leads to some exciting news, we are expanding! While city space is sparse, we are lucky one of our yard lenders has offered us their entire front lawn so we will be expanding their garden 4 fold, which means more dahlias for us all!

This year we will be selling (and shipping within Canada) dahlia tubers and cuttings this coming May and we need your help! With so many varieties in storage, and 50+ more on their way, we sadly don't have the space to start every variety early to take cuttings. So… I am hoping you can all help us out with a little research on what varieties we should focus on! In return, I will open up our May dahlia sale to all of you who vote FIRST, so you're able to snag the varieties you really want before we open it up to others. Here is the link, it should be very straightforward. I don't have photos of every variety but I hope these dahlia photos I made last summer help!

Euclid Farms Dahlia Survey

And now for the NEW varieties we are growing! Below is a  list of all the new tubers and cuttings we will be trialing on the farm this season. While we won't likely have any cuttings of these to sell this year, we are hoping to have a bumper crop of blooms to sell in the shop. 

April Heather


Back Satin      

Baron Wavia        


Budapest Blush     


Cafe de Paris    

Camano Crash    


Chimacum Nadjee  



Fancy Pants    

Ferncliff Carefree

Ferncliff Ebony    

Ferncliff Rusty    


Gay Princess    

Gerrie Hoek

Gitty Up    

Glen Place    

Greggor’s Mikkel    


Hilltop Lost Treasure

Hollyhill Miss White    


KA Cloud    

KA Rosie Jo    

Kenora Jeannie

Larks Ebbe    

Lemon Drops    

Lights Out    

Lupin Britain    

Lyn’s Louise

Mission Pixie    

Molly Raven    


Raenns Antares    

Robin Hood


Rogue Starburst    

Rose Toscano    

Sandia Candy Corn   

Shiloh Jazzman

Sonic Bloom    

Southern Belle    

Strawberry Cream    

Sweet Suzanne    

Tahoma Stellar Fellar

Take Off    

Westerton Lillian    

Wyn's Desert Sunrise

Thank you for helping us with the survey, and for being as excited as I am about Dahlia season! Wishing you all a great seed starting season and the best year in the garden yet!

Shannon xo :)