A Year in Review

Welcome to our new website!
In our first ever blog post, come with us as we take a look back at a rollercoaster year at Euclid Farms. The highs were high, and the lows were…well, you can probably guess! Focusing on the positive, we expanded our wonderful EF team, worked with Eataly, and welcomed back weddings!! We will get to all that in a moment - but let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 
January in Lockdown
We kicked off 2021 still in lockdown - we had of course hoped to be able to operate under more “normal” circumstances, but lockdown meant that we could only offer curbside pick up. Even during this trying time, we were overwhelmed and full of gratitude for how loyal and patient our customers were. You rock, seriously!
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest dates in any florist’s year…and sadly we were still in lockdown. Despite this, so many of you chose to give Euclid Farms flowers and gifts to your loved ones, and we loved you right back for it!
We may have been limited by the lockdown at our store, but on the Farms things were exploding! We tripled the number of yards (from 3.5 to 11) and by extension, tripled the number of seeds we could plant. This allowed us to stock the store with tons of locally grown blooms.  Many of the new yards were located in Roncesvalles and High Park, which meant we got to travel a little further west and make lots of new friends in that neighbourhood! May and June were spent happily planting in these yards - undoubtedly a lot of hard work, but so rewarding. 
Wedding Season
By June our store had finally reopened to the public - and we were beyond delighted to welcome you back (we really missed you!) The newly lifted restrictions also meant that weddings were back on - yay! So many couples delayed their nuptials in the hope that better days would come, and they could celebrate with their friends and family. And as soon as larger gatherings were permitted, allll the weddings happened! EF was honoured to provide flowers for more weddings in the summer and fall of 2021 than ever before. From sweet City Hall bouquets and boutonnières, to grand floral arches and tablescapes, we felt so lucky to be part of these long awaited celebrations. You can see a few of them here.
Dahlia Breeding
Back on the Farms, the EF team was busy breeding our very own varieties of dahlias. This has been a passion project and something we are very excited about and proud of! We can’t wait to see how they turn out. It’s amazing to think that these flowers won’t be available anywhere else.
2021 was the year of exciting partnerships for Euclid Farms. We teamed up with Eataly to create a cocktail menu infused with herbs and flowers from our yards. We collaborated with Dior to create 250 bouquets and 3000 stems to help launch their new Miss Dior perfume. We also partnered with Mama Earth Organics, Fresh City Farms, and Terroni Spaccio. Our shop hosted a 437 x That’s So Sabotage photo shoot and we created decor displays for countless other retail spaces such as Sundays and Fresh Restaurants.  
In September we celebrated our First Shopiversary in honour of one whole year of our storefront being open! We took this opportunity to celebrate with a huge giveaway. The benefits were twofold - we were able to give back to our wonderful community, and support lots of small local makers and businesses. Throughout Thanksgiving week we promoted these businesses and gave away incredible prizes. It was a really special way to celebrate one year of our little store. 
And speaking of our store, in August we were lucky enough to have the wonderfully talented Alexandra Gater renovate our office space on her YouTube channel! The space is now fresh and chic, and ready to host both client meetings and staff coffee breaks. You can watch the episode here!
The Team
2021 was also the year the EF store and farm team grew into the well-rounded family we currently are!  Our team is now made up of 10 incredible women who make the dream work! You can read about our team here.
Euclid Farms became a little more available across Toronto, too! We expanded our wholesale department, and went from two to eight retailers! If you don’t live close to our store, you can find our dried bouquets at one of these lovely locations
Giving Back
In addition to donating to incredible causes such as CFTO, ESN, IRSS and the Royal Canadian Legion on a monthly basis, we launched our Zodiac Bouquet collection in August. Each zodiac season we thoughtfully curate a bouquet using flowers and colours symbolically associated with the astrological season and its ruling planet. $10 from each sale is donated to a preselected charity. You can learn more about our Zodiac Bouquets and charities they support here. 
In the Press
And finally, we were so fortunate to get lots of press attention this year, which undoubtedly helped spread the word about who we are and what we do! We are so grateful for the support from the local press including the Globe & Mail, BlogTO, Toronto Star, CBC and more! You can see some of this coverage in our press section.

Looking back on this brief recap of 2021, it’s hard to believe we accomplished so much during such a trying time! We are so proud of our EF team, and grateful for our wonderful customers, neighbours, yard owners and everyone who has contributed to our success so far. Here’s to 2022 and to an even better year!