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Libra Bouquet

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September 23rd-October 23rd

Libra is the third of four cardinal signs, grounding the energy for each change of seasons. This air sign begins our fall season, which might be the source of Libra’s inclination for leadership and fairness. Those born under the Scales are known for being likeable, social, and inclusive. You spend a great deal of energy trying to keep the peace, and oftentimes put the needs of others before your own.

Libras are fantastic communicators and listeners, and always see the best in others. Very much influenced by your ruling planet, Libras embody the loving and healing energy so often associated by Venus. As the Zodiac’s natural champion for social justice, this sign is of course represented by Justice in Tarot.

As the first sign in the autumn equinox, the well balanced Libra bouquet has equal number of each bloom included and mixes both fresh and dried florals. She features two hydrangeas, two roses, two lisianthus, as well as teasel and greenery. The green found throughout this bouquet symbolizes harmony, freshness, and love - all traits associated with diplomatic Libras.

With each bouquet purchased, $10 will be donated to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

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