Strathcona Zombie Apocalypse Survival Seed Kit

Strathcona Zombie Apocalypse Survival Seed Kit

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 A complete collection of Non-GMO seeds all suitable for direct sow gardening (because greenhouses may be hard to come by) and ranging from 28 day harvests (because healthy food will be scarce) with wood plant markers made from reclaimed BC pine beetle wood, Plant Tonic, information sheets on growing from seed, and recipes.

Also includes tips for life-sustaining protection from the 
living dead, because in a post-apocalyptic world there 
are only so many brains to go around.

Sample Tip: 
Plant Black Spanish Radishes at the heads of graves of emerging zombies. Radishes blind them by growing into their eye sockets. The roots eventually invade the zombie’s brain and render them immobile.



• tiger eye beans
• black coco beans
• hendersons bush beans
• garlic chives
• dwarf sunflower
• baby finger carrots
• black spanish radishes
• bloomsdale spinach
• new england pie pumpkin
• de cicco broccoli
• little marvel peas
• a blend of green mustard,
red mustard, kale, tatsoi,
mizuna and hon tsai tai


• zombie survival tips
• beginner garden basics
• germination tips & tricks
• garden timing guide
• mini plant tonic
• wood plant markers
• old world pumpkin pie recipe
• spicy bean salad recipe