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Our Story

Euclid Farms is a small-scale urban flower farm and floral studio, located in West Queen West. We grow chemical-free cut flowers from May to November, support other local growers, and import when necessary. We are 100% flower foam-free, recycle our vases as much as possible, and continue to work to reduce our use of plastic with every arrangement and bouquet that we sell.

Environmental Impact

We think it’s very important when working with natural products that we protect our natural world at the same time. We grow most of our fresh blooms at our urban flower farm in warmer months, and support and shop locally as much as possible. We source the flowers we don't grow ourselves from local farms and rely on imports only when necessary.

In terms of packaging, all of our packaging is recyclable, reused, or compostable. We wrap all of our bouquets in paper and do our best to reduce the amount of plastic used in our shop. We are 100% flower-foam free, and do not support the use of toxic chemicals in our own growing process.

When growing and sourcing fresh flowers, we do our best to select varieties that we can dry ourselves to be used in our dried bouquets and arrangements.

Our dried flowers (those we import) are sourced from around the world. Many varieties of dried flowers we use have been dyed or bleached, but we strive to always create beautiful and interesting floral arrangements with a variety of stems. We continue to search for more eco-friendly options and alternatives to the use of chemicals and bleach in our imports.

Our Team

Euclid Farms is owned and operated by Shannon Whelan.

Our team includes:

Chelsea Cottrell, Vanessa DeRose, Candice Fong, Emily Garnica, Caroline Simons and Chloe Stoneburgh